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Usual Micro-Welding applications:

Micro-Welding Heads:


Manual Micro-Welding Clamps:



Practical applications of micro-welding in electrical applications

SOUDAX solutions for high precision and quality micro-welding solutions.

In the field of electrical connections and components, micro-welding processes provide an ideal solution:

  • Braided wires
  • Connection of conductive tapes
  • Power connections
  • Battery elements and accumulators
  • Manufacture of thermocouples
  • Bimetallic joints
  • Relays, varistors, connectors and other electrical components
  • Electric motors, coils, electrovalves
Images of micro-welding applications on electrical components
Video of intuitive micro-welding parameter selection
Video of micro-welding execution in battery accumulation pack

Video of execution of micro-welding on electric coils

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